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Champagne Sébastien LEFÈVRE

The Champagne Sébastien LEFÈVRE is located in VERT-TOULON, a typical Champagne village on the edge of the Côte des Blancs on the Champagne tourist route 25 km south of Epernay, 60 km south of Reims and 120 km north East of Paris.

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Champagne Cedric Guyot

Champagne Guyot is a family vineyard who cultivate since the 60’s. It’s situated in the part of Champagne “Côte de Sézanne” in the southwest of the Marne.

All the stages of wine making are made in our winery and cellars.

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Benoit Munier

Each new growing season allows me to experiment with new practices, challenge myself, to adjust my experiences in previous years and grow a little more each time, working my vines as I understand, without lock myself in a doctrine, but with judgment, passion and responsibility. Eighty-five years after the start of the adventure, I feel very emotional to see these first parcel vintages born. Of course, I do not intend to stop there and I hope to continue my journey towards a cleaner viticulture, healthier, more natural, for me, for you, for us.

"A happy winemaker is one who knows his happiness"